Bottle Labeling Adhesive – How to Choose Between the Various Glues

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Bottle Labeling Adhesive – How to Choose Between the Various Glues

Every company has a specific set of needs when it comes to bottle labeling adhesives. There are various types of bottles and, of course, the manufacturing procedures may vary.

There are various types of bottle label glues which companies can utilize. The following are just a few.

Custom Bottle Label Glues

One of the most preferred types of bottle labeling adhesives is the custom made variant.

Hot Melt Bottle Labeling Adhesive

Hot melt bottle labeling adhesive is used across various industries. This category has several sub-variants.

Water Based Bottle Labeling Adhesive

Another popular choice among companies is the water based bottle label glues.

Choose the Bottle Labeling Adhesive that Suits You Best

Prices, manufacturing practices, and durability are all factors that have to be considered when selecting any bottle labeling adhesive.

That’s why we’re here. At Pacific Adhesives, we focus on helping you find the right bottle labeling adhesive for your particular needs. We take the time to learn what you really need. If we don’t already have the labeling adhesive you need, we’ll custom formulate it!

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