Bottle Labeling Adhesive – Optimum Temperature, Optimum Performance

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Bottle Labeling Adhesive – Optimum Temperature, Optimum Performance

When bottle labeling, it’s important to remember maintaining the correct temperature for your labeling adhesive.

The optimum operating temperature is 77 degrees (this does vary by application). When the temperature drops below that, a few problems may arise.

Because labeling glue is like paint, when it gets cold it becomes thick and doesn’t set. It can even freeze.

This can cause the glue to build up on the machines. Additionally, it just doesn’t pick up the labels due to a lack of tack.

Obviously, this can cost you valuable production time.

So when temperatures start to drop below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s important to look at a heating solution for your labeling adhesive.

There are a few solutions based on your needs. One, you can use heating blankets for glue totes or drums. This helps to keep large amounts of labeling glue at the ideal temperature.

Also, you can use a heated line that the glue goes through. You may also consider using running a heater that’s built into the machine itself. Another option is to use metal heating bands around your glue containers (especially buckets).

By doing this, you’re going to eliminate down time and have your labeling glue providing optimum pick up and adhesive.

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