Breakaway Palletizing Adhesive Provides Beneficial Alternative to Lock n’ Pop (Press Release)

Breakaway Palletizing Adhesive Provides Beneficial Alternative to Lock n’ Pop (Press Release)

May 10, 2012 – Pacific Adhesives is pleased to offer one of its flagship products Breakaway Pallet. Breakaway Palletizing Adhesive is a special product formulated by Pacific Adhesives. It’s used to prevent goods from being damaged during shipping and to reduce or replace stretch-wrap.

With increased pallet stabilization, damages during shipment are greatly reduced. This minimizes rejected loads and claims made against carriers. Naturally, this saves companies time and money.

Breakaway Palletizing Adhesive provides a quality alternative to the Lock n’ Pop – another palletizing stabilization solution.

A major cause of bottlenecking in production is the time spent on wrapping each pallet. By using the adhesive, the need to wrap each pallet (or at least reducing the number of wraps on each pallet) and the time it takes to wrap is drastically reduced.

Additionally, Breakaway Palletizing Adhesive helps the company’s green awareness programs. Because Breakaway Palletizing Adhesive is made from FDA approved water-based formulas, it’s very environmentally friendly. This will coincide nicely with any social awareness campaign a particular company may be running.

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Pacific Adhesives is an adhesive manufacturer based in California with its headquarters located in Sacramento. They specialize in Palletizing Adhesive, Labeling Adhesives, Packaging, Wood Working & Assembly, Hot Melt & Water Based Products, and more. They have been in this industry for over 40 years and are capable of fulfilling all your adhesive requirements.

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