California Glue Manufacturer Pacific Adhesives Co

California Glue Manufacturer Pacific Adhesives Co

Pacific Adhesives is a California-Based Adhesives Manufacturer. Pacific Adhesive’s headquarters is located in Sacramento, California.

Pacific Adhesives was founded over 40 years ago. The vision was simple – we’ll partner with your organization to solve all of your adhesive needs.

Where we excel is in our ability to custom tailor an adhesive solution to your particular need. In other words, we take the time to make sure you have the absolute best solution for all of your projects.

While we work with all types of glue and adhesive projects, we specialize in Breakaway Palletizing Adhesive and Bottle Labeling Glues. Our Breakaway Palletizing Adhesive is a solution which basically “locks” your cases or bags together. This keeps your shipments safe. Upon arrival, the cases or bags come apart with very little effort. Naturally, this saves a lot of time and money.

With our special bottle labeling adhesives, we have a both water-based solutions and hot-melt labeling solutions and everything in between. We even can custom formulate a solution for your particular needs. Again, this ties into our special ability to custom tailor our product to your project.

We started off as a local California glue company but quickly grew to serve all of the Western states. Soon after that, we started supplying adhesive solutions to companies throughout the entire United States, Canada, and Mexico.

We have manufacturing plants in Sacramento, CA, Louisville, KY, and Reading, PA. We also have warehouses at the following sites:

  • Vancouver, WA
  • Sacramento, CA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Billings, MT
  • Denver, CO
  • Dallas, TX
  • Chicago, IL
  • Rochester, NY

To see a full listing of our manufacturing plants and warehouses, please refer to our Contact Page. If you a glue project that you need help with, contact us!

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