Can Labeling – Our Adhesives Work with Any Can Gluing Need

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Can Labeling – Our Adhesives Work with Any Can Gluing Need

Our adhesives are designed to roll through machinery such as Bear, Standard Knapp, and Burt.

We have “non-permanent” pick up adhesives for easy stripping of labels. Also, we have “permanent “pick up to prevent spinning on chimed cans or sliding on cans without a bottom chime.

These pick-ups work on all can temperature ranges, sweaty cans, and even oily cans.

You simply let us know the can conditions and we’ll make sure we match up the right adhesive for your needs.

Additionally, we have lap seam for roll thru labelers.

We have “fluid” starch paste for the Bear paste pots and “heavy” starch pastes for the Burt and Standard Knapp paste pots. Also, we have resin PVA glues for the Vansco/Valco extrusion tubes.

We have permanently pressure sensitive and non pressure sensitive can hot melts that can be applied with the standard vertical roller or by swirl spray. They are designed for high speed and are clean machining.

For your can labeling needs, we have the solution. And, if we don’t have it off the shelf, we can of course custom formulate it.

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