Carton Adhesives – An Environmentally Friendly Solution

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Carton Adhesives – An Environmentally Friendly Solution

With a targeted focus on green manufacturing and global awareness, Pacific Adhesives is pleased to present our environmentally friendly carton adhesives.

Our carton adhesives are designed for high performance folding.

Additionally, they’re designed for most substrates. In other words, they’ll bond to a wide variety of substrates. This gives you the option to work with many materials.

With a stable viscosity, our carton adhesives have longer shelf life than other products. This means you can store it without having to worry about spoiled batches.

Another key benefit to our carton adhesives is that they have a high wet tack. This reduces pop-open’s (not to mention the time and frustration ).

Because our adhesives are so versatile, they can be run on very high speed equipment without slinging, spitting, or build up. This provides for excellent clean up.

As you can tell, not only are our carton adhesives an environmentally friendly solution, they’re going to save you time and money in your production.

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