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4 Facts About Pacific Adhesives You Might Not Have Known

** At Pacific Adhesives, we believe that our service is our most important product. In fact, our entire operation is based around it. Here are 4 reasons why. #1 We custom tailor adhesives to match your requirements. This means you'll get the exact adhesive that you need for your projects. #2 We solve product challenges through R & D. We know the science to make sure you get the right solution. #3 We're able to

Adhesive Manufacturer – Pacific Adhesives, Leader in Custom Formulation and Palletizing Adhesives

The Pacific Adhesives team is composed of well-trained chemists on the laboratory, hospitable sales staff, and production staff. As a leader in the adhesive industry, we’re continuously expanding our reach to include more products and more formulations to meet our client’s needs. We’ve spent the last 40 years serving a broad range of markets such as packaging, labeling, wood working, paper converting and assembly. All of our products are designed to meet the highest demands

Hot Melt Palletizing Adhesive: Exploring the Benefits

Hot melt palletizing adhesive is very good addition to our already strong Breakaway Palletizing line. With today’s new inks and coatings, there are times when a liquid palletizing product is not feasible. Liquid products can discolor or breakdown some of these inks and coatings causing "picking" or "ink lift". Hot melt palletizing can solve some of these issues, as it is clear and stays on the surface it is applied to. When applied hot to

Labeling Poly Bottles Or Poly Coated Glass With Liquid Adhesives

Many poly bottles present adhesives challenges. For example, Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene terpolymer (PET) are “non polar” or in other words, chemically inert. In order to make them gluable with conventional liquid label glues they have to be surface oxidized by flame or corona discharge (electron bombardment). The treatment will wear off with time. Gluability can be determined with a dyne kit. Our lab can test for gluability or show you how to.

Bottle Labeling Adhesive – Optimum Temperature, Optimum Performance

When bottle labeling, it’s important to remember maintaining the correct temperature for your labeling adhesive. The optimum operating temperature is 77 degrees (this does vary by application). When the temperature drops below that, a few problems may arise. Because labeling glue is like paint, when it gets cold it becomes thick and doesn’t set. It can even freeze. This can cause the glue to build up on the machines. Additionally, it just doesn’t pick up

Carton Adhesives – High Performance and Environmentally Friendly Carton Glue Solution

At Pacific Adhesives, we’re proud to offer carton adhesives for all of your gluing needs. Our carton adhesives are extremely high performing and work under a number of different situations based your company’s needs. In addition, our carton glues are environmentally friendly. As this becomes increasingly important for companies to move into being more “green”, you can rest assured knowing that our carton adhesives are completely in line with your environmental awareness program. But let’s

Adhesive Manufacturer Pacific Adhesives, How We Match Glues To Customer Equipment

The following is an interview with Pacific Adhesives Specialist Robb Dusick What would you say are the main aspects of making sure your customer has the right adhesives for their particular equipment? Some of the key areas to look at are the type of applicators and the distance from the applicator to the substrate being glued. You also need to take into consideration the atmosphere that the equipment is in. For instance, is it located

Pacific Adhesives, Leading in Adhesives Industry, Touts Labeling Adhesives (Press Release)

July 12, 2012 - Pacific Adhesives, a company located in Sacramento, CA, provides labeling adhesives that meet the demands and needs of the other companies that include labeling glasses, cold bottles and cans, as labeling adhesive is their main product to offer to customers. Pacific Adhesives offers excellent labeling adhesives that run efficiently and are fully implemented as a correct labeling adhesive that comes with satisfactory prices that meet any company’s fullest demands from their

Advanced Water-Based Labeling Adhesives

For labeling bond-coated glass and treated plastic containers, Pacific Adhesives’ Advanced Labeling Adhesives are the perfect choice for your organization’s labeling needs. Our water-based container labeling adhesives have aggressive bonding formulas with excellent high wet tack which reduces flagging and rework, saving time and money. Our Advanced Labeling Adhesives are for use on high-speed rotary and direct picker machinery and especially for the Mustang New Jersey Labeler. Our adhesives have a very low odor. They

Benefits of Flat-Tack Laminating Adhesive

When your operation uses laminating adhesives, are there problems with curling, lifting, bubbling or wrinkling? The superior qualities of Pacific Adhesives’ Flat-Tack Laminating Adhesive is your answer. While it is designed to have a very wet tack to prevent these problems, it has solids of about 70%, the industry’s highest. This reduces warp, even allowing same day die-cutting in many instances. Our Flat-Tack Laminating Adhesive has a longer shelf life and its superior machining helps