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Providing Labeling Glue for Craft Breweries

At Pacific Adhesives, we’ve noticed an interesting trend: Craft Breweries are taking over the United States. Since 2008, the number of craft breweries in planning has grown from 207 breweries to 1,744 breweries in planning in 2013. In 2013, the craft brewing industry grew by a phenomenal 18%. The growth in the last five years for the craft brewing industry has been remarkable, and Pacific Adhesives has been working side by side with craft brewers

“The Best of Labeling Adhesives”

When it comes to knowing which labeling adhesives are best for your operation, we’re the experts! In fact, we have a lot of resources on this site that will help you out. From Water-based labeling adhesives to adhesives for craft brewing to carton glues and more – it’s all here. Just click on the links to any of the following articles: • Ice-Tite Water-Based Labeling Adhesive “It is specially designed for coated glass, other coated

4 Facts About Pacific Adhesives You Might Not Have Known

** At Pacific Adhesives, we believe that our service is our most important product. In fact, our entire operation is based around it. Here are 4 reasons why. #1 We custom tailor adhesives to match your requirements. This means you'll get the exact adhesive that you need for your projects. #2 We solve product challenges through R & D. We know the science to make sure you get the right solution. #3 We're able to

Pacific Adhesives Discusses Optimum Temperature

** When bottle labeling, it's important to maintain the correct temperature for your labeling adhesive. The optimum operating temperature is 77 degrees. When the temperature drops below that, some problems arise. When glue gets cold it becomes thick and doesn't set. This can cause the glue to build up on the machines. Additionally, it doesn't pick up the labels due to a lack of tack. When temperatures drop below 70 degrees, it's important to look

Adhesive Manufacturer – Pacific Adhesives, Leader in Custom Formulation and Palletizing Adhesives

The Pacific Adhesives team is composed of well-trained chemists on the laboratory, hospitable sales staff, and production staff. As a leader in the adhesive industry, we’re continuously expanding our reach to include more products and more formulations to meet our client’s needs. We’ve spent the last 40 years serving a broad range of markets such as packaging, labeling, wood working, paper converting and assembly. All of our products are designed to meet the highest demands

Adhesives Made to Order – Custom Adhesives Manufacturer Pacific Adhesives

At Pacific Adhesives, we pride ourselves on our ability to custom formulate any adhesives to match the needs of your company. We search out the best raw materials to then fill the formula for your gluing needs. We ensure that you receive the highest quality and consistent adhesives for your operation. Why? Because this will allow your operation to run more efficiently. Instead of using an adhesive that might be less than satisfactory, we provide

Specialty Adhesives Manufacturer – Pacific Adhesives

Pacific Adhesives is a U.S. manufacturer and provider of hot-melt, water-based, and palletizing adhesives. Our expertise includes labeling, packaging, paper converting, wood working and assembly. We also specialize in labeling, packaging, and more. Our specialty includes our unique Palletizing Adhesives which improve pallet stability for shipments while greatly reducing or possibly eliminating stretch wrap completely! Based in California, we serve Fortune 500 companies with an international client base. Our products save you money & are

Pacific Adhesives Designs Superior Water Based Container Labeling Adhesives

At Pacific Adhesives, we create and produce ideal water base container labeling adhesives. Our adhesives are ideal for high speed rotary, direct transfer, and picker equipment. Our labeling adhesives are specially formulated to work with plastic and coated glass containers. This makes them particular in the industry in their ability to save you the hassle of searching for the right adhesive. Because our labeling adhesives have excellent wet tack properties, they feature aggressive bonding and

Labeling Adhesive for Coated Glass: Try Ice-Tite

When labeling on coated glass, specially treated plastic containers, or any other unique bottling circumstances, finding the right labeling adhesive can be tricky to say the least. Even more when you’re trying to find an adhesive for high speed rotary, direct transfer, and picker equipment. At Pacific Adhesives, we’ve come up with the ideal solution! We have developed Ice-Tite™ water base container labeling adhesive. Ice-Tite is designed specifically for designed for coated glass and difficult

Can Labeling – Our Adhesives Work with Any Can Gluing Need

Our adhesives are designed to roll through machinery such as Bear, Standard Knapp, and Burt. We have “non-permanent” pick up adhesives for easy stripping of labels. Also, we have “permanent “pick up to prevent spinning on chimed cans or sliding on cans without a bottom chime. These pick-ups work on all can temperature ranges, sweaty cans, and even oily cans. You simply let us know the can conditions and we’ll make sure we match up