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As an adhesives manufacturer, we’re proud of our ability to constantly produce high-quality glues. Whether it's palletizing adhesive or hot melt glues or making, we can do it all. Take a moment to learn more about some of our key products. Simply click on the links below. • Adhesives Made to Order – Custom Adhesives Manufacturer Pacific Adhesives “Most adhesive manufacturers do not do this.” • Adhesive Manufacturer – Pacific Adhesives, Leader in Custom Formulation

Adhesive Manufacturer – Pacific Adhesives, Leader in Custom Formulation and Palletizing Adhesives

The Pacific Adhesives team is composed of well-trained chemists on the laboratory, hospitable sales staff, and production staff. As a leader in the adhesive industry, we’re continuously expanding our reach to include more products and more formulations to meet our client’s needs. We’ve spent the last 40 years serving a broad range of markets such as packaging, labeling, wood working, paper converting and assembly. All of our products are designed to meet the highest demands

Choosing the Right Adhesive Based on Substrates

When choosing between hot melt adhesives and water based adhesives, it's difficult to know which one would work best. They both have many advantages, and based on your gluing needs, some potential challenges. So how do you know which is right for you? One way to tell is by looking at the substrates. For starters, the substrate’s porosity is a key factor in determine the type of chemistry required. Porous examples include Kraft, SBS, and

Hot Melt vs Water Based Adhesives – How to Know Which to Use?

When selecting the right adhesive for your next folding carton project, it's sometimes difficult to know which glue to use. Should you try a Hot Melt Adhesive? Or is it better to use a Water Based Adhesive? The answer lies in the specifics of the project at hand. In order for us to make the right recommendation, we must consider the following parameters: Substrates Environment Equipment Customer Requirements Think about each one of these in

Pacific Adhesives Designs Superior Water Based Container Labeling Adhesives

At Pacific Adhesives, we create and produce ideal water base container labeling adhesives. Our adhesives are ideal for high speed rotary, direct transfer, and picker equipment. Our labeling adhesives are specially formulated to work with plastic and coated glass containers. This makes them particular in the industry in their ability to save you the hassle of searching for the right adhesive. Because our labeling adhesives have excellent wet tack properties, they feature aggressive bonding and

Labeling Adhesive for Coated Glass: Try Ice-Tite

When labeling on coated glass, specially treated plastic containers, or any other unique bottling circumstances, finding the right labeling adhesive can be tricky to say the least. Even more when you’re trying to find an adhesive for high speed rotary, direct transfer, and picker equipment. At Pacific Adhesives, we’ve come up with the ideal solution! We have developed Ice-Tite™ water base container labeling adhesive. Ice-Tite is designed specifically for designed for coated glass and difficult

Advanced Water-Based Labeling Adhesives

For labeling bond-coated glass and treated plastic containers, Pacific Adhesives’ Advanced Labeling Adhesives are the perfect choice for your organization’s labeling needs. Our water-based container labeling adhesives have aggressive bonding formulas with excellent high wet tack which reduces flagging and rework, saving time and money. Our Advanced Labeling Adhesives are for use on high-speed rotary and direct picker machinery and especially for the Mustang New Jersey Labeler. Our adhesives have a very low odor. They

Pacific Adhesives Core Focus is Excellent Customer Service (Press Release)

April 12, 2012 – Pacific Adhesives is an adhesives company unlike any gluing manufacturer. What makes them different is their fierce determination to have the best customer service in the adhesives industry. Pacific Adhesives is a California glue company that serves all fifty states in the U.S as well as Canada and Mexico. They can offer help regarding all types of gluing requirements and adhesive problems. The company specializes in Breakaway Palletizing Adhesive and Bottle

Ice Tite Water-Based Labeling Adhesive

Ice Tite Water-Based Labeling Adhesive Does your organization use coated glass or treated plastic containers and have difficulties with your labels adhering? Pacific Adhesives' ICE-TITE Labeling Adhesive is the perfect solution. It is specially designed for coated glass, other coated containers and hard-to-adhere labels. Our adhesive is ice-proof and has excellent wet-tack abilities. This reduces flagging and rework, saving you time and money. It runs well with Superior machining gives you higher yield with less

US Manufacturer of Labeling Adhesives, Palletizing Adhesives

\ ** In this video, we talk about how Pacific Adhesives is a United States Based Manufacturer of Labeling Adhesives, Palletizing Adhesives and More. One of our specialties is our own Breakaway Palletizing Adhesive. We've spent the last four decades serving a broad range of markets, including: labeling, packaging, paper converting, wood working and assembly. We can help you satisfy your daily gluing requirements and solve your adhesive problem, whether this involves designing and implementing