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Environmentally Friendly Adhesives – Glue Manufacturer Pacific Adhesives

At Pacific Adhesives, our consultants can assist you not only in meeting your company’s adhesive needs, we can help you save the planet and save your company money.

Working with one of our consultants, we can determine the specific adhesive requirements for your organization and industry. We can help you choose what you need from our standard products or we can individualize an adhesive just for you.

Other companies only sell you standard adhesives on the market, which may not be the best for you. Pacific Adhesives can formulate the best glue you need for bottle and can labeling or for woodworking and assembly. We have what you need for packaging and toll manufacturing. We can help you with paper converting and palletizing.

By determining your exact specifications, we can save you money by finding the perfect solution, not just whatever happens to be close. This saves you money and is environmentally friendly, making your carbon footprint on the planet much smaller.

“Leave Your Mark On The World, Not Your Carbon Footprint”

Pacific Adhesives is also the inventor of both our Breakaway Palletizing Adhesive and IceTite labeling adhesive.

Breakaway Adhesive eliminates the need for stretch or shrink wrap. It bonds your cartons and bags, reducing the cost for stretch wrap and your loads separate easily without anything to thrown away. It also prevents your loss from damaged or rejected loads, saving both the environment and your bottom line.

IceTite labeling adhesive works well with high speed rotary, direct transfer, and picker equipment. It has a longer shelf life than other adhesives, reducing your waste. It reduces flagging and rework and is superior during machining, reducing downtime for clean-up and produces a higher yield.

All of these excellent properties save you money and are environmentally friendly.

Whatever your specific needs are, working with our customer care consultants at Pacific Adhesives can save you time, money and the planet. Provide the world with your product without leaving your carbon footprint.

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