Hot Melt Palletizing Adhesive: Exploring the Benefits

  • Hot Melt Palletizing Adhesive

Hot Melt Palletizing Adhesive: Exploring the Benefits

Hot melt palletizing adhesive is very good addition to our already strong Breakaway Palletizing line.

With today’s new inks and coatings, there are times when a liquid palletizing product is not feasible.

Liquid products can discolor or breakdown some of these inks and coatings causing “picking” or “ink lift”. Hot melt palletizing can solve some of these issues, as it is clear and stays on the surface it is applied to.

When applied hot to the top of a carton or case, the hot melt palletizing adhesive has time to cool and set therefore creating a bond to the application surface. It remains somewhat tacky, as this family of products are pressure sensitive, or semi-pressure sensitive.

When they are mated with the next tier on a pallet they form a surface bond, or an anti-skid type of bond. Because the main bond is to the original application surface, the hot melt adhesive doesn’t transfer to the bottom of the mating carton.

This would be undesirable, as once the product is out in the market, it would be detrimental if the carton would be prone to sticking to surfaces that it was placed on.

With the wheel applicator system, it’s easy to control application amounts, as the pattern is machined into the wheel. For that reason, it’s critical to do proper testing up front, as there is very little adjustability after the system is built.

Another benefit to this type of product is its inherent “re-stackability”, versus most liquid products.

One of the additional benefits to this system is that they are very low maintenance, as there are no nozzles, pumps, or hoses to deal with.

The only real adjustments to be made to the equipment are the height of the unit which is based on carton height, and the wheel speed which needs to be matched to the speed that the carton is passing under the unit, which is a feature of the application system.

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