Adhesive Manufacturer – Pacific Adhesives, Leader in Custom Formulation and Palletizing Adhesives

The Pacific Adhesives team is composed of well-trained chemists on the laboratory, hospitable sales staff, and production staff. As a leader in the adhesive industry, we’re continuously expanding our reach to include more products and more formulations to meet our client’s needs. We’ve spent the last 40 years serving a broad range of markets such as packaging, labeling, wood working, paper converting and assembly. All of our products are designed to meet the highest demands

What is Ice Proof Adhesive? Creating a Glue that will Stick when Wet

** Pacific Adhesives has designed an ice-proof adhesive. Have you ever had a label fall off a bottle? Maybe. Maybe not. Have you ever seen a label fall off after the bottle has been exposed to ice or water? Chances are pretty good you have. Naturally this is not good for your image as your brand is left literally dripping wet and falling to the ground. There's a solution! At Pacific Adhesives, we've custom manufactured

Labeling Adhesive for Coated Glass – Try Ice-Tite

** Labeling Adhesive for Coated Glass - Try Ice-Tite When labeling on coated glass, specially treated plastic containers, or any other unique bottling circumstances, finding the right labeling adhesive can be tricky to say the least. Even more when you're trying to find an adhesive for high speed rotary, direct transfer, and picker equipment. At Pacific Adhesives, we've come up with the ideal solution! We have developed Ice-Tite™ water base container labeling adhesive. Ice-Tite is

Adhesives Made to Order – Custom Adhesives Manufacturer Pacific Adhesives

At Pacific Adhesives, we pride ourselves on our ability to custom formulate any adhesives to match the needs of your company. We search out the best raw materials to then fill the formula for your gluing needs. We ensure that you receive the highest quality and consistent adhesives for your operation. Why? Because this will allow your operation to run more efficiently. Instead of using an adhesive that might be less than satisfactory, we provide

Choosing the Right Pallet Adhesive

A major cause of bottle-necking in production is the time spent on wrapping each pallet. By using a palletizing adhesive, the need to wrap each pallet and the time it takes to wrap is drastically reduced. Breakaway Palletizing Adhesive is a special product formulated by Pacific Adhesives. It’s used to prevent goods from being damaged during shipping and to reduce or replace stretch-wrap. With increased pallet stabilization, damages during shipment are greatly reduced. This minimizes

Lock’n’Pop Alternative – Breakaway Palletizing Adhesive

When searching for the best pallet adhesives, it can be difficult to know which is your best adhesive solution. There a number of palletizing adhesives available on the market. Ideally, you want an adhesive that will work well for your operation. This includes an easy set up and quality adhesive. At Pacific Adhesives, our Breakaway Palletizing Adhesive offers the ideal solution. The principal advantage that Breakaway offers is our equipment package. The Breakaway equipment is

Palletizing Adhesive like Palletite or Lock ‘n’ Pop – Breakaway Palletizing Adhesive

At Pacific Adhesives, we specialize in our palletizing adhesive. Similar to Palletite or Lock 'n' Pop our Breakaway palletizing adhesive reduces strain in shipments shifting about. However, our unique Breakaway product has some key differences. The following links contain more information on how our palletizing adhesive can work for you. What makes a good Hot Melt palletizing adhesive? Why our Palletizing Adhesive is our company's bread and butter Key ways to save money with Breakaway

3 Frequently Asked Questions about Palletizing Adhesives

At Pacific Adhesives, we're proud to offer our own specialty glue, Breakaway Palletizing Adhesive. Here are 3 frequently asked questions in regards to our Breakaway product. #1 - Is Breakaway environmentally friendly? Yes! It's made from FDA approved water based formulas which drastically improve the environmental effectiveness of the product. Additionally, by using Breakaway in your production, you're able to reduce (even eliminate) the use of stretch wrap. This eliminates waste and saves you money.

4 Facts About Pacific Adhesives You Might Not Have Known

At Pacific Adhesives, we believe that our service is our most important product. That’s not just something we say. Our entire operation is based around it. Here’s 4 reasons why. #1 We custom tailor adhesives to match your exact requirements. This means you’ll get the exact adhesive that you need for your projects. #2 We solve product challenges through R & D. We know the science to make sure you get the right solution. #3

What is Non Char Adhesive? Benefits to Adhesive that Doesn’t Burn

Perhaps you've had a batch of glue char or burn. This causes down time and expensive repair costs. What if you worked with an adhesive didn't char? In other words, what if you have a product that didn't oxidize and thus started charring? You can! At Pacific Adhesives, we've formulated a product that's based on a polymer that lacks this the oxygen binding site which mitigates charring. Non-char adhesives are good for all hot melt