White Papers

At Pacific Adhesives, we’re continually providing the latest product and market information in the adhesive industry. To get an in-depth look at some of our products, simply click on any of the links below:

Ice-Tite™ Water Base Container Labeling Adhesive For High Speed Rotary, Direct Transfer And Picker Equipment

-Designed for coated glass
-Has excellent wet tack and ice-proof
-Runs well on cold wet glass


Environmentally Friendly High Performance Carton Adhesive

-Designed for most substrates
-High wet tack
-Fast Speed of Set
-Excellent Machining on various equipment
-Good Clean-up


Advanced Water-Based Labeling Adhesives

-Designed for plastic and coated glass containers
-It has excellent wet tack, aggressive bonding and excellent Clean-up
-Runs well on various equipment, especially Mustang New Jersey Labeler
-Excellent Flow and stable shelf-life
-Very low odor


Flat-Tack Laminating Adhesive

-Designed to have very high wet tack to prevent lifting, curling, or bubbling. With solids of about 70%, the highest in the industry, Flat-Tack significantly reduces warp and allow same day die-cut in many instances. It is compatible with all chemistries, reducing clean-up time when switching to different products on the laminator.


Advanced Hot Melt Labeling

-Formulated with a proprietary technology designed for hard-to-bond substrates and very demanding labeling applications, such as cold/wet containers. Extremely clean machining, it runs well on both magazine or roll-fed label stocks. Glue line is virtually invisible on PET and other plastic and glass containers.