Label Adhesive and Palletizing Adhesive – Our Bread and Butter

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Label Adhesive and Palletizing Adhesive – Our Bread and Butter

When making a sandwich, you want to make sure that the two pieces of bread are held together by whatever you put inside. The jelly side of a peanut butter sandwich adheres to the peanut butter. The melting aspect of a grilled cheese sandwich joins together the pieces of bread. Even butter can be used for a simple sandwich.

In manufacturing and other industries, various types of adhesives are used for different purposes. At Pacific Adhesives, our bread and butter are product labeling and our revolutionary breakaway palletizing adhesives.

We carry everything from water-based adhesives to hot-melt glue. Whether you have a need for labeling cans, plastic or glass, beer bottles, cosmetic jars or wine, we have just the right formulation for you.

Whatever machinery you use to label, from a magazine or a roll fed labeling system, we can provide you with exactly what you need for your operation.

This is our specialty.

Our revolutionary breakaway palletizing adhesive can save you time and money. This environmentally-friendly method joins together your cartons or bags, without the cost and waste of stretch or shrink wrap. It will save you both time and waste, but also prevent losses you have during shipment from packages breaking apart or being damaged during shipping. This green method of palletizing is quick, efficient and reduces your carbon imprint on the planet.

By utilizing the butter of our huge variety of adhesives and glues to the bread of what you manufacture or need to label, our Pacific Adhesives consultants can help you make sure it stays together. Our bread and butter are the products you need to keep the glue in labeling, packaging and palletizing your product.

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