Lock’n’Pop Alternative – Breakaway Palletizing Adhesive

Lock’n’Pop Alternative – Breakaway Palletizing Adhesive

When searching for the best pallet adhesives, it can be difficult to know which is your best adhesive solution. There a number of palletizing adhesives available on the market.

Ideally, you want an adhesive that will work well for your operation. This includes an easy set up and quality adhesive.

At Pacific Adhesives, our Breakaway Palletizing Adhesive offers the ideal solution.

The principal advantage that Breakaway offers is our equipment package. The Breakaway equipment is very user friendly and nearly maintenance free. Our systems are completely sealed resulting in cleaner machining.

We use high quality dispensing valves. This means they’re user friendly, maintenance free, and completely sealed.

Other companies, such as Lock’n’Pop, use low quality valves. This means the application is inconsistent. Also, the valves themselves must be removed and soaked in water frequently to keep operating.

By choosing Breakaway Palletizing Adhesive, you’re not only saving time and money, but you’re getting a quality adhesive solution with no fuss.

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