Pacific Adhesives Core Focus is Excellent Customer Service (Press Release)

Pacific Adhesives Core Focus is Excellent Customer Service (Press Release)

April 12, 2012 – Pacific Adhesives is an adhesives company unlike any gluing manufacturer. What makes them different is their fierce determination to have the best customer service in the adhesives industry.

Pacific Adhesives is a California glue company that serves all fifty states in the U.S as well as Canada and Mexico. They can offer help regarding all types of gluing requirements and adhesive problems. The company specializes in Breakaway Palletizing Adhesive and Bottle Label Glue.

Pacific Adhesives focuses on providing environmentally friendly adhesives that are absolutely safe and secure to use. They have been in this business for more than forty years and have the exact experience need to meet all kinds of adhesive challenges.

One key differentiator of is Pacific Adhesive’s ability to focus on the particular needs of a company. They can offer a custom tailored solution to meet the requirements of any particular company. This custom formulation is a distinguishing feature of Pacific Adhesives in the gluing industry.

Another distinguishing feature of Pacific Adhesives is their ability to test the perfect gluing solution through research and development before it even makes it to the company production floor. This ensures the absolute correct adhesive saving time and money.

Additionally, they are quick to resolve issues that may arise. By working directly with the development chemists, companies are able to hone a perfect adhesive for their particular needs.

The staff at Pacific Adhesives also prides themselves on their ability to integrate with the adhesives and machinery that a company may already be using. This adaptability allows for amazing customer satisfaction.

Pacific Adhesives is capable of implementing the right adhesive for any requirements. For more on Pacific Adhesives visit their site at

About Pacific Adhesives

Pacific Adhesives is an adhesive manufacturer based in California with its headquarters located in Sacramento. They specialize in Palletizing Adhesive, Labeling Adhesives, Packaging, Wood Working & Assembly, Hot Melt & Water Based Products, and more. They have been in this industry for over 40 years and are capable of fulfilling all your adhesive requirements.

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