Pacific Adhesives, Leading in Adhesives Industry, Touts Labeling Adhesives (Press Release)

Pacific Adhesives, Leading in Adhesives Industry, Touts Labeling Adhesives (Press Release)

July 12, 2012 – Pacific Adhesives, a company located in Sacramento, CA, provides labeling adhesives that meet the demands and needs of the other companies that include labeling glasses, cold bottles and cans, as labeling adhesive is their main product to offer to customers.

Pacific Adhesives offers excellent labeling adhesives that run efficiently and are fully implemented as a correct labeling adhesive that comes with satisfactory prices that meet any company’s fullest demands from their adhesive needs.

Pacific Adhesives also has the most advanced equipment used in making labeling adhesives. Additionally, the company brings in the whole team to work with a company from a local consultant, to the chemists in the lab, to the production staff.

Pacific Adhesives also provides high quality bottle labeling adhesives as part of their excellent service offered for their valued customers.

Pacific Adhesives is capable of implementing the right adhesive for any labeling adhesive requirements. For more on Pacific Adhesives visit their site at

About Pacific Adhesives

Pacific Adhesives is an adhesive manufacturer based in California with its headquarters located in Sacramento. They specialize in Palletizing Adhesive, Labeling Adhesives, Packaging, Wood Working & Assembly, Hot Melt & Water Based Products, and more. They have been in this industry for over 40 years and are capable of fulfilling all your adhesive requirements.

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