What is an Ice-proof Adhesive?

What is an Ice-proof Adhesive?

Have you ever had a label fall off a bottle? Maybe. Maybe not.

Have you ever seen a label fall off after the bottle has been exposed to ice or water? Chances are pretty good you have.

Naturally this is not good for your image as your brand is left literally dripping wet and falling to the ground.

There’s a solution!

At Pacific Adhesives, we’ve custom manufactured an Ice-Proof adhesive. This means when product is immersed in ice bath it does not crystallize and/or re-disperse and lose bonding.

What does this mean to you?

No more branding dollars wasted by going straight to the garbage when your bottles are pulled out ice!

Our Ice-Tite product features:

  • Designed for coated glass and difficult to adhere labels
  • It has excellent wet tack and ice-proof
  • Runs well on cold wet glass

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